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Rely on Us for Rifle Repair Services in Loma, CO

Restore Your Gun to Top Operating Condition

Has your accuracy suddenly gotten worse without reason? If you suspect that your rifle scope is in bad shape, reach out to Coiled Custom Firearms LLC for help. We provide professional scope mounting, bore sighting, cleaning, stock bedding, and general gunsmithing  in Loma, CO.

You'll appreciate that...

  • We deliver fast and friendly services
  • We offer low and honest pricing
  • If we can't fix your problem, we offer referrals
  • We can fix just about any fire arm -related issue



You can count on us to repair your faulty scope in no time. Call 970-210-9972 today to schedule professional rifle scope repair services.



Gun repairs are easiest at Coiled Custom Firearms

If you need gun repair services in Loma, CO, look no further than our local gun shop. We'll make sure your rifle works like a charm for your peace of mind. Please note that we charge $70 an hour for rifle repair services and $35 an hour for just diagnostics.

Contact us now to get professional gun repair services.