Turn to Us for Private Party Firearm Transfer Services in Loma, CO

Buy or Sell a Gun Without a Hitch

Here in Colorado, the law requires that individual gun sellers go through official dealers in order to provide firearm transfer services. If you're looking to buy or sell a gun privately, Coiled Custom Firearms LLC will be glad to oversee your transaction.

Our gun shop is listed on gunbroker.com, brownells.com, midwayusa.com and palmettostatearmory.com for third-party transfers. We invite you to order from one of these sites to streamline the transfer process. Or, connect with us today to arrange for private party firearm transfer services in Loma, CO.

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Check out our service prices

We value transparency and affordability. If you need private party gun transfer services in Loma, CO, we hope you'll choose us. Our prices are as follows:

  • NICS check is $10.50
  • Private party transfer is $10
  • Multiple handguns are $5 extra
  • Third-party transfer fee is $15
Contact us now to begin your private party gun transfer.