Come to Us for Gun Restoration Services in Loma, CO

Restore Your Firearm to Optimal Condition

Restoring an old or antique gun requires expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail. That's why you should bring your worn-out gun to Coiled Custom Firearms LLC in Loma, CO. Not many gunsmiths in the area have the tools and experience necessary to handle gun restorations, but we do. You can count on our skilled gunsmith to tackle just about any restoration or repair.

Call 970-210-9972 now for a free estimate.

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Give your old firearm a second life

Is your old gun collecting dust in your closet or acting as an adornment on a shelf? Put it to good use again by bringing it to us. Our expert gunsmith can:

  • Apply a Cerakote gun coating
  • Replace broken parts
  • Refinish the wood
  • Polish the metal

If you have questions about our thorough gun restoration process, get in touch with our gunsmith today.